Yoga Practice with Beth Cox 

I have moved to Swansea and won’t be teaching new classes in Pembrokeshire, I currently don’t have the capacity to take on new individual students in Pembrokeshire.  I am planning to teach workshops in Pembrokeshire in the future.

To see options of studying yoga with me in Swansea please visit

I will update this website as soon as possible to reflect these changes.



Yoga isn’t just for people who can touch their toes and contort their body into difficult balance postures.  The Yoga I teach is adapted to individuals, it is accessible to all types of people, regardless of age, experience, health or circumstance. My objective in teaching Yoga is to help others gain improvements in health, mobility, fitness and clarity of the mind, through practicing Yoga.

Benefits of yoga

Practicing Yoga postures will help to strengthen and stretch your body, increasing your flexibility and help you tone and lengthen your muscles.  This can improve your posture and make you more aware of letting go of tension throughout the day.

Focusing on the breath whilst working in āsana will also help with strengthening  postural muscles (core stability).  Working with the breath is an excellent tool to aid relaxation and helps to focus the mind, improving your concentration.


If you would like to address something  specific you may want to consider individual Yoga lessons which can help with personal development.

Individual Yoga Lessons – initial consultation free, after which you can decide if you would like to book a full consultation and lesson, reviews and follow-up lessons.  These lesson are completely tailored to you and your needs, the content is very different to a group class lesson.  Please visit my sister site for more information.

Small Group Classes – regular 10-12 week courses.  (Only available in Pembrokeshire)

Workshops – Autumn workshops will be planned, please contact me for further details.

I am fully insured to teach through the British Wheel of Yoga.

Further information

Please do browse through the pages and if you would like to discuss yoga or to book an individual lesson or onto a course, please contact me on 07747880731 or by email on